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eSMS is an elisp package written by Jarl Friis <>.

eSMS is used to send SMS (Short Message System) messages to mobile units without leaving your (X)Emacs. It uses free public domain website SMS Service Providers (SSP) found on the internet to send. Currently the following SSPs are supported

Please let me know of other (non-danish) SSPs, that you want added. Be prepared for doing the testing if I can't use it to send to dansih mobile phone numbers. For a list of free SSPs check out the list at, it is grouped by country, pick one that you like, and tell me and I'll make your favorite SSP be the one to be used by eSMS.


Planned features:


Just load the elisp file (esms.el) with (require 'esms), then use M-x sms-send-message, or use the menu-entry under Apps-menu.

If you are norwegian user, add the line (setq esms-ssp-priority-list '( to your .emacs

For the 0.8 series

It consists of three files that all have to be in your load-path (I will do it nicer later ;-) The 0.8.0-series is more international oriented. One has to set default country code and default-area code. (this can be overridden on individual SMS-messages) To use {es,it,uk}, you better include the following lisp code in your .emacs:

      (setq esms-default-contry-code 44) ; the country-code
      (setq esms-default-area-code ""); a string representing your area code
To overrule the default country code for individual SMS-messages use the format [[country-]area-]number when asked for phonenumber. Note that area may be empty for countries (like Denmark) where area code is not used as a seperate number. It makes good sense to have SSPs related to different countries in esms-ssp-priority-list, since it will sequentiall try SSPs until it finds one that accepts the given country code.


If you want to try it out, please download the file mentioned below. Beta-releases will be announced at emacs-sms-beta


Current version is 0.8.0beta3 and can be downloaded here emacs-sms-0.8.0beta3.tar.gz.


15/01 2002: Released 0.8.0beta3: Fixed design flaw regarding country/area code combination.

13/12 2001: Released 0.8.0beta2: Added support for {it,es}, fixed bug in

11/12 2001: So it took quite more than the "comming weekend", but much more is done; 0.8.0beta1: lot's of code redesign, update of danish SSPs. Support for

17/9-2001: support for UK, and italian SSPs has been requested, I expect to implement that for in the comming weekend.

8/09 2001: I changed homepage for eSMS to which is what you are looking at now. Soon I'll start to use the CVS feature of

7/9-2001: 0.7.4: Updated documentation according to standards, updated web-interfaces.

2/9-2001: 0.7.3: Improved selection of SSP priorities through a GUI-menu. Added some documentation on this too.

1/9-2001: 0.7.2: Now retries 3 times then retries on other SSPs according to priority list. redesigned customisation.

0.7.1: Added Possibility for http proxy, updated message-size.

0.7.0: Added menu in XEmacs. NOTE: it can no longer be used with oldfashioned conservative Emacs, sorry I will do something about it later.

If you are norwegian, please TEST it by adding the line (setq esms-ssp-priority-list '( to your .emacs

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